Instead, exalt the Messiah” as Lord in your lives. Always be prepared to give a defense to everyone who asks you to explain the hope you have. – 1 Peter 3:15

During a work meeting this week, a co-worker was sharing how she struggled in completing a project and she said, “I thank God for guiding me through this.”

I’ve thought of her statement throughout the week given that I’ve never heard someone reference God at work and often religion is frowned upon in the workplace. It reminded me of the many ways that we do not mention God in our lives. How we are sometimes afraid of even mentioning that we are Christians for fear that we will be reprimanded or worse that we will offend others.

How can you be your authentic self and show out for God? Here are 6 ways:

1. Share your testimonies: What my co-worker did was give a short testimony about God’s work in her life. Although it was specific to a project, she reminded me that God is everywhere and he is there for us whenever we call upon him. That his mercy transcends beyond the church and into our homes and offices. Testimonies are a great way to reach nonbelievers and to share an experience instead of coming off as someone who is preaching.

2. Be friendly: Had my co-worker started her testimony with, “It’s a shame you can’t accept that God is the reason I got to where I am,” Most of us would have dismissed her simply because of her unfriendly approach. If you see something that you may not agree with as a Christian approach it as though you were teaching someone. Remember that some people may not have heard of God’s blessings and you may be the first person to bring them into the kingdom.

3. Be vulnerable: Remember that the best way for most of us reach someone not by preaching- leave that to the pastors. Most people respond to stories about how you handled a specific situation or problem. This means being vulnerable enough to share about yourself. This may be a lesson you learned before becoming a Christian.

4. Show you care for people when things are working out and when they are not: It’s easy to show up to celebrate successes. My co-worker is consistent in the way she shows up. When things are hard for the team, she is quick to ask how people are doing and even mention, “we’ll get through it with God’s help.” When things are going well, she proclaims God’s favor.

5. Be patient: No one changes overnight. Do not expect that once you’ve proclaimed your love for God everyone will embrace you and become Christians right away. Be patient with others while being clear about your faith

6. Be consistent: For those who know nothing about Christianity, they may look to you as a representation of a Christian. This does not mean that you need to be perfect, no one is, but even as flawed beings, as our faith becomes stronger, so does our obedience.

Take time to think about the many ways you could show out for God and practice doing so in every area of your life. If you already are showing out for God, how are you doing it? Share in the comments below.