Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. – Colossians 3:12 

Are you working from home, not working, or just spending most of your time in the house? Because, well let’s be honest, everything is shut down because of the pandemic. Most of us are now at home and because of this, there are more opportunities for misunderstandings and arguments.

This is especially true for married folks who have gotten used to getting out and having some space from each other. Whether it’s the morning see you later kiss out the door or the weekend hangout with the girlfriends or a pickup basketball game with the guys, we all need space from each other. Unfortunately, those days are far and few given the pandemic but no need to worry here are a few tips to conquering the 24/7 life with your spouse.

  • Set expectations: If you are working from home, create a workspace just for you. If this is not possible, let your spouse and everyone in the house know that you will be occupying the dining room nook from 9-5 this week. This way you can hopefully put an end to kids screaming as they play hide and seek and a spouse walking through your Zoom call wearing who knows what.
  • Spend time together: Do not forego family time now that you’re home together all the time. This is the perfect opportunity to be more creative. Play board games, cook together or Zoom with family members across the world.
  • Spend time apart: Yes, this is not a joke. Remember, you can still make space for yourself at home. Take time to go to the bedroom to read a novel, play music in your basement, or have a spa day in your own bathroom. It’s okay to let your significant other know you’re going to have some alone time.
  • Talk through challenges: Communication is the key to all relationships but it’s even more important when you’re both trying to juggle work, parenting, or even in-laws under the same roof. Take time to talk through challenges as they come up. Remember that everyone is having to adjust so please give each other some grace. Start and end these difficult conversations with positives when possible and think of ways you too can improve.