As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love. – John 15:9

Whether you’ve been dating someone for over a year or just recently got back into the dating scene, we all know the pandemic has changed the dating scene. From swiping through profiles on apps to having to think past a dinner date, here are four ways you can keep dating while staying safe.

  1. Communicate: The old saying that communication is key never goes away. We all recognize that dating has changed amid COVID-19 and being clear about what you will and will not do is important. Are you willing to meet for a social distancing walk or do you want to wait to meet until after the cases of COVID-19 have subsided?
  2. Be creative: Dating during a pandemic requires a lot of creativity. Movie nights may have to be done on Zoom or you may want to do a game night using online gaming websites. You may take a step out of the 90s and make a playlist of your favorite songs or take virtual tours of places you want to visit. Whatever you decide to do be creative and find ways to continue building a strong foundation for your relationship.
  3. Stay safe: Dating doesn’t mean you let go of your safety precautions. Many of us are living at home in a multigenerational house due to COVID-19. Let your date know that you are following safety protocols and that this is a priority to you. Do not be pressured into putting your family or yourself at risk. If you want to meet up, consider a social distanced walk or activity.
  4. Accept that changes happen: Amid a pandemic, there are so many uncertainties. Be open to these changes and understanding with each other. From moving back home, setting new priorities, losing or changing jobs. All of these incidents can be a strain on a relationship but is now compounded with the stress of the pandemic.
  5. Pray together: In any relationship, you are going to have difficulties. Use this time to build a strong foundation with each other. Pray when you both are uncertain about your future or the circumstances you find yourselves in. Ask leaders at the church to also pray for you and reach out to God to guide you.