I trust that you are well and enjoying the journey God is taking us. Financial freedom is one of the blessings for the Believer. As God continues to unfold this truth to us and we continue to do our part, I want to speak the blessing of God into your life. As a tither, you have the key to unlock your financial freedom. You are blessed!

On the authority of God’s infallible word – I proclaim over you as a tithing Christian – the blessings of our faithful and loving heavenly Father. As a tither you are not limited to the ups and downs of the economy of this world system.

The scriptures declare that we are the seed of Abraham and that the blessings of Abraham upon us set us apart and make us to prosper in all situations, favorable and unfavorable.

The heavens are open over this church and over this congregation, therefore I speak this blessing.

• I call forth jobs for the unemployed – meaningful jobs with good pay and benefits.

• Things that have been held up in the courts such as your inheritance, godly settlements and other legal matters, be settled in Jesus Name so you may have what is rightfully yours without and further delay.

• Those who earn your living as entrepreneurs or those who work in sales and commissions, I speak God’s favor to be upon you so that deals and opportunities to excel, come your way.

• I call forth raises and bonuses to those who need them.

• I speak that you find money unexpectedly and that unexpected checks come in the mail right out of nowhere as a gift from heaven just for you.

• I speak the word “INCREASE” over to you – I speak abundance to overtake you – such abundance that you miraculously come out of debt so that the stress of those debts will release your minds and God’s peace will return to you quickly.

• I now release God’s angels to go forth and minister for you and yours – this is your covenant blessing.

Now that you have given may your heart be filled with worship and faith.