I have a question for you.


My NEXT step is to look at myself in the mirror of God’s Word and see what is truly in my heart as God sees it. With that, I dare make this bold statement in writing: I am not a fan of Jesus!

Let me explain: It is possible to look great on the outside and be rotten on the inside. Those that live their lives as fans of Jesus haven’t quite realized that Jesus is interested in the heart. Many claim to love Christ but in reality they have a false version of Him. A version of their own creation – different from the Christ of the scriptures.

The Read To Grow (R2G) program at your Resource Center has a new addition: NOT A FAN by Kyle Idleman. Since you want to grow spiritually, we encourage you to stop by on Sunday, check this book out, read it and increase your understanding. This book will help you know if you’re a follower of Christ or merely a fan of His.