Having personal integrity can seem tough to do in today’s culture. News headlines are filled with stories about noteworthy people who have failed to maintain personal integrity. We see people in the public eye saying one thing but doing something else. But our teenagers don’t have to make choices that lead them down the wrong path; they can make a commitment to pursue, develop, and maintain personal integrity.

While some people in our world excuse certain forms of lying and dishonesty, God expects something different. God teaches us in Scripture that as Christians, our lives can be defined by integrity. In the Bible, Daniel offers a clear example of what God can do with an honest, faithful, consistent life. We are called to reflect God to a world that experiences spiritual separation, so we can live as God would. People need to know that they can believe you. If your integrity is compromised, others may not be willing to trust you.

A person of integrity is an honest and trustworthy person. Such a person works hard. They understand that God wants us to do our best in all that we do.

3 points to remember as we build our character:
1. Hard work is rewarded: When a Christ-follower earns a reputation as a trusted and a faithful student, team member or employee – that’s a great testimony. In whatever you do, see it as a way to honor God, then your leader will see your commitment, and it will be easier to reward your effort.
2. Hard work may cause jealousy: When we work hard because of your faith, not everyone will like it but doing what we know is right-despite any criticism that we may receive is the godly thing to do.
3. Hard work builds integrity: When we do what is right, even when it is tough, we will find favor with God. We can follow Jesus’ example when it comes to making tough decisions. Jesus didn’t choose to do the easy thing or give into the temptation to slack off. He lived above reproach, just as Daniel did hundreds of years earlier.

Scripture Reading
Daniel 6:1-5
Matthew 5:13-16

One of the few things that you have control of in this life is your personal integrity. How are you living this out daily?