The first time you fell in love everything in your life seemed to change. You acted crazy and were unstoppable. Isn’t that just how our lives ought to change, if we truly fall in love with the Lord? This experience is life-transforming.

Total surrender to God brings you total contentment – in this life and the one to come. Crazy Love is not about working harder, but recognizing who God is, discovering how “crazy” His love for us is, in addition to falling in love with Him. For the reason that you’re head over heels in love with Him, everything in your life changes.

Being wildly in love with God makes us realize that life is all about Him – not about us in any way. Having the God-experience is the greatest thing any human being can have on this earth and ultimately in heaven. Do you go about life with the verity that possibly today you will go to meet your Maker? If we live with God’s single-most goal for us – Himself- then we’ll be prepared when that time comes.

The parable of The Farmer Scattering Seed is not foreign to many churchgoers, yet most have fallen in the dangerous trap of assuming that “I am good soil”. However, if truth be told, we have thorns that stifle any seed that is in us. We have no idols, we say. But how crazy in love with God can you be when the pursuit of money, pleasure of sin, wild love for some sport, busyness of activities and other commitments are heaped right on top of this relationship?

All or nothing; no partials and no leftovers – this is the relationship God wants from us. This may be uncomfortable but where is it written that He has called us to be comfortable? As difficult as it may appear, He wants us to trust Him with complete abandon. God wants us to put our trust solely in Him, so much so that our lives cease to look anything like that of unbelievers. God wants us to trust Him because He is true regardless of our situations or their outcome.

When we are crazy in love with God, we will be more concerned about the Kingdom. We will be doing things to make His name, rather than our own, be known. Actions like helping the poor and giving will stem out of this love for God. Devote to live every day as if it is your last before you come face to face with Jesus.